Earn To Die 7

Earn To Die 7 is an addictive online game where you will come across several obstacles. Some of them will be easy to smash with your car, but there will be many more that you won’t be able to crush. These obstacles make the game an engrossing one.

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Controlling the game is easy! Use the Arrow keys for the movement of the car. The Up key is for acceleration, the Down key is for Brake, and the Left and Right key is for tilting of the vehicle. Use the Space bar for Nitro, ‘R’ key for Reset, ‘H’ key for Horn, and ‘P’ key for Pausing the game.

As you progress in the game, you can earn several achievements. Here are they:

  • Jump Air Total 1 mins, 5 mins, 10 seconds, and so on.
  • Knock over 100 Signs.
  • Land 3 Flips, 5 Flips, 10 Flips, and so on.
  • Collect 10, 25, 50 Nitros.
  • Get Full Stars 6 and 12 times.
  • Destroy 25 Barrels.
  • Pickup 50K in Cash.
  • And, many more

There are four vehicles provided in the garage. Among them, the 4-door sedan is unlocked. Rest of the vehicles has to be unlocked by reaching particular Levels and earning full Stars. The Game Garage has several upgrades for the 4-door sedan that can make your vehicle faster on the roads. Some of these upgrades are discussed below:

  • Tires: It will improve the road traction and stability of your vehicle. You can buy it for $1,250.
  • Engine: To enhance the top end speed of your vehicle, purchase this upgrade for $3,000.
  • Suspension: Improve the stability and increase the chassis height with this upgrade. It is available for $1,000.
  • Nitro: Boost amount can be increased with Nitro, and it is available for $750.
  • Weight Reduction: If you want to decrease the overall weight of your vehicle and increase its parameters, then use the weight reduction upgrade. It can be bought for $1,000.
  • Brakes: Available for $1,000, brakes upgrade will decrease the stopping time of your vehicle.
  • Gearbox: Improve the acceleration of your vehicle with the gearbox that can be bought for $1,000.
  • Muffler: This upgrade with multiply the top end speed of your car and can be bought for $500.

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Similarly, there are numerous upgrades available for the other vehicles. As you keep succeeding in the game, you can unlock them and get it upgraded. Driving your vehicle on the road is not easy; so here are some strategies that would help you out in the game:

  • Whichever vehicle you use, ensure that you get the fuel upgraded in the beginning of the game as this will enable you to drive for longer even without any other upgrades.
  • The next upgrade that you should get done is the gearbox as it will improve the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine.
  • The upgrades that can be bought later in the game are the guns and weapons.

So, get all these upgrades purchased in the aforesaid order and have a blast while playing your favorite Earn To Die 7 game.